Peter Borges


Peter Borges - Product Designer at USAA


I am a naturally curious product designer who is passionate about advocating design as a force for positive change in businesses and for always keeping the user at the center of any product.


Manage My Money

Research | UX | IA | Design Language | Prototyping | Testing | Analytics
A modernization effort to help USAA members gain greater insight into their money across savings, checking, and credit card account summary pages on web and native mobile apps.



Research | Journey Mapping | UX | Wireframing | IA | UI
An augmented reality platform for users to quickly view, explore, and capture information on vehicles right in front of them.


Design Language System

Research | Visual Design | Accessibility Testing | Strategy
Contributions made to the Design Language System through the testing and implementation of project specifics atoms and molecules. Image by Brad Frost



Research | Storyboarding | Wireframing | IA | Prototyping | UI
A custom built solution to provide soldiers and commanders a live view of a battlefield including raw to analyzed human and signals intelligence.



Research | Wireframing | Visual Design | Prototyping
Web platform designed to build communities around collecting, buying and selling the dankest memes on the internet.


Employee Directory

Research | Strategy | IA | Wireframing
A mobile application to help employees find their coworkers by connecting them through, names, locations, skills, educations, line of business, and more.



Strategy | Visualization | Ideation | Rendering
Personal to professional sketching and visual thinking.